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  • Key words & Interests


    Key Words: Paragon Communication Leading Expert-Motto design//Design Thinking - Innovation – Intercultural Expert//Capacity Building//Sustainable Strategies of Communication-Internationally experienced//Network aggregator//Inspirator//Mentor//Story Teller//


    Interests: Gender Equality//Transnational Framework-Migrants Sustainable Integration//Identity-Civic engagement-Sustainable Communities//Education- Sustainable Learning//Global citizenship& Democratic Values//

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    Co-Founder at "B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication"

    Involved in the world of politics Laura is very active in supporting and advising political figures as senior political adviser. Her life and background are international, her experiences intercultural, her sharp and agile thinking is able to adapt both “in” and” out of the box” thinking. With more than 20 years’ experience as leading intercultural expert, she brings a wealth of experience and insight to several peacekeeping missions and she continues to help determine the overall strategy and direction of AKT AS 1- Leading Intercultural Training Institute that she created.


    She believes that a cultural “hybrid identity” is a sustainable key of social development. Laura is cultivation a thriving ecosystem for social innovation and more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities.Trans-nationally, trans-lingually and trans-culturally are the key words she uses for a “sustainable future”. As builder of sustainable communities, she decided to create, together with Yannick Le Guern, the Migrant Sustainable Integration Lab. Migrant Integration Lab aims to provide a transnational framework defining sustainable actions (migrant integration, economic development, job creation, promoting democracy and solidarity) by fostering cohesion, gender equality, tackling social exclusion, poverty and generational as well as demographic disparities.


    She breaks Management, Language & Communication barriers and believes that successful communication is to be able to comprehend, speak and understand the “culture”. Laura also strongly believes that creativity drives innovation, innovation drives entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship drives sustained economic growth. Laura has excellent reputation for resolving problems and driving operational improvements. Result oriented and collaborative teammate and leader she is a committed lecturer in societal entrepreneurship, sustainable development, public policy implementation, innovation, and archetypal communication.


    Being an Intercultural Mediator, a Fellow, a Change Maker and Mentor is what she does best. As mentor, she cares about the future of democracy and the wellbeing of generations to come, helping young people believe in themselves and their abilities to improve the world, as to create positive social impact. As a fellow for the Change Makers Alliance, Laura shares Humanity and builds a better world!



    20 years of initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change

    Co-evolutionary Leadership//Win Cube//Social Design//Axiological Action//Holonomic(s) Approach//Transition Design


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    “BE ONE HUMANITY” Call to Action

    Your voice counts ! Make it loud and post #beonehumanity hashtag as a statement for peace, tolerance, and unity!




    1. Build awareness by sharing our campaign . Post your activity on social media using #BEONEHUMANITY #B1AKT and/or tag us @B1- AKT


    2. Buy the book « At the dawn of humanity , enterprise a better world » and support the rise of effective leaders & entrepreneurs of tomorrow: https://www.amazon.fr/At-dawn-humanity-Enterprise�better/dp/2493263006


    3. Strike the pose and share your image(s), video(s), or articles on social media using #BEONEHUMANITY hashtag/@B1AKT? All gender identities welcome!




    • Tackle hate speech, from its root causes to its impact on societies

    • Create awareness & empathy.

    • Help change attitudes and behaviors.

    • Raise awareness of (racial) stereotyping.

    • Support social projects to build a “better humanity”.

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    Aims & Concepts


    1) The first aim: give a common positive story, narrative to Humanity, a common identity that allows individuals to be both revealed and transcended, and to feel that they belong to the same race: humans.


    The campaign will underline the importance of an interconnected biosphere as « our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” JFK 1963


    People & ambassadors will be asked to show their opposition to racism, xenophobia, far-right ideologies and stand in solidarity with those affected. The aim of the action is to get together, share a positive message of inclusion, diversity, equality and togetherness. #BeOneHumanity


    2) The second aim of the campaign is to raise funds (via international crowdfunding) as to finance concrete projects of social and civic innovation on 5 continents. #RevealHumanity


    3) Its third aim is to create an ecosystem of societal, responsible, “glocal” entrepreneurship. This will allow us to act and build together a “better humanity”. We will develop new generations of effective and ethical leaders who are able and driven to comprehend complexity, reflect cultural and political nuance, and engage as responsible global citizens in anticipating and confronting the world’s most pressing problems.


    The projects are financed, supported and managed within these places and spaces of social innovation. Each of the places of social innovation will be anchored in a local territory and connected to other places, internationally, as to promote exchange of good practices between international innovative ecosystems, create mobility and build intercultural bridges between peoples, communities, cultures. #BuildHumanity

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    Migration, Equality & Racism – 44 opinions

    The book ‘Migration, Equality & Racism – 44 opinions’ is now available! Read more about it with Laura Petrache and Angela Tacea.


    More than 80 VUB academics and co-authors joined forces for this book. Philosophers, lawyers, psychologists, health scientists, sociologists, geographers, criminologists, communication and political scientists … look at migration, equality and racism from different disciplinary angles. Together they aim to contribute to an exercise of humanism as a praxis of criticism or a ‘technique of trouble-making’, in the words of Edward Said.


    Through 44 thought-provoking and informed opinion pieces, they question widespread beliefs on migration, equality and racism and propose solutions that might disturb.


    Let this book be a source of inspiration for those who want to spark an informed debate on the ever more salient issues of migration, equality and racism, for those who want to learn more on how and why humanism has often remained an empty box for migrants and racialized groups. Or for those who are in search of inspiration for a just future for all.
    Migration, Equality and Racism is the work of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) think tank POINcaré and was created under the direction of Ilke Adam, Tundé Adefioye, Serena D’Agostino, Nick Schuermans and Florian Trauner.

    Published by ASP Editions. You can buy the printed version of the book here.

    Download the English Version HERE

    Available Version Nederlands HERE

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    Heroes behind the Masks –a B1-AKT Campaign #WeAreOne


    Super Man. Wonder Woman, you can take a break. The coronavirus pandemic has called for a new squadron of real-life heroes to protect the planet on the frontlines of the crisis. B1-AKT launches a series of International Portraits concerning Heroes of the Front Lines against the Covid 19 global pandemic (women and men).


    We Are One Social Media Campaign puts a face on the Frontline COVID-19 Pandemic Response. The We Are One campaign will show people who are making tremendous sacrifices, putting their own lives at risk – to save lives, keeping all of us healthy and safe. That’s what makes them heroes!

    They need our thanks – and our support! So let’s say our thank you, very loudly, but truly invest them with substance: that right now and when this crisis is all over, we will fight alongside you for the conditions and lives you genuinely deserve.


    Thank you to the paramedics, midwives, nurses and doctors, overwhelmed. You are lacking in equipment and staff, and you are risking your health to save lives. Thank you, too, to the hospital administrators, managers, secretaries, and other pillars, without whom it would collapse.


    Thank you to the cleaners, Thank you to those who produce and deliver food and the goods necessary for a healthy existence; to those who keep our transport system operating. Thank you to the teachers who, by continuing to educate the children of key pandemic fighters, allow doctors and nurses to focus on saving lives and the country to function. Thank you to the supermarket workers, your checkouts requiring constant attention and disinfection.


    Thank you to all real life super heroes! They are what Hope and Leadership looks like today! #WEAREONE

    Look for #WeAreOne on social media, and support us by liking and sharing.


    Heroes, send us your pictures and your stories! contact@b1-akt.com


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    Building a Business Continuity Plan during COVID

    #Sustainable TOOLKIT

    In this webinar you will be able to:

    • Explore key factors for understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business
    • Receive concrete guidance and sustainable solutions for building a business continuity plan, resilience and moderate annual exercises to ensure your plan as to efficiently mitigate realistic disruption
    • Analyze the impacts on your business diagnosis
    • Apply an immediate COVID-19 Response and Management of the Business
    • Organize your remote work-force

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    B1-AKT ImpACT Report 2015-2020


    “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”. Jane Goodall.


    This report brings together and describes the many positive changes that we bring about for the people, enterprises, and communities that we touched in France and overseas.The report is intended for our staff teams, local and international partners, and numerous other stakeholders who share an interest in our work.
    Our Impact report reflects our aspirations and marks our progress as a company in the areas where we can make the biggest impact:
    • Leading in sustainability,
    • Strengthening communities,
    • Creating opportunities,
    • Tackle social challenges on a global scale.

    We hope that you will enjoy reading the report and that it adequately conveys the incredible contribution that everyone at the B1-AKT made towards achieving our sustainable impact.

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    The project had a predefined budget of absolute zero. This parameter applied to the planning and execution of all deliverables, assessment criteria, and control satisfactory factors (CSFs). All participants had to use social engineering and sustainable innovation in order to achieve strategic objectives.The campaign aimed at:

    1. Acknowledge the benefits of immigration by crafting a positive, new narrative on integration: Developing sustainable communities and intercultural dialogue
    2. Crafting a positive narrative on migration based on social, cultural and economical benefits deriving from it.
    3. Inspire political engagement and active citizenship by bringing together, citizens, civic societies, migrants and refugees, public & private sector, international organizations, Academia and media around the globe into a dialogue on the problems and sustainable solutions on Migration Crisis developed in “Migrant Integration Lab”.
    4. Building social impact
    We can only hope that our story will improve public and private sector partnerships and build linkages between migration and governance for prosperity and development, with sustainable ways of working together in a Transnational Context.
    By building this type of campaigns, improved social cohesion and wider solidarity can arise by making people work together towards a shared future trough creating strong, long-lasting basis for interaction, dialogue between migrants and members of receiving communities.
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    Consulting Board Cultural IP Initiative


    The Cultural IP Rights Initiative is supported by an ever growing international network of innovative thinkers, change makers, global sustainable leaders, investing their time resources and energy in creating better tomorrow. This year on April 26th we celebrated the World IP Day but also two years of existence for the Cultural IP Rights Initiative. You can download the Craftsmanship for a Green Future Booklet here:


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    The social sector is facing disruption. The Social Impact Lab is responding to this disruption by investing in innovation and creating strategic partnerships that support the social sector that solve social issues. We aim identifying innovative and disruptive projects that have the potential to transform our community. We bring together a variety of stakeholders, facilitating multi-partner collaboration between agencies, corporations, and citizens. We promote and teach a systemic approach to social innovation, research, and human-centered innovation. The lab is co-lead, co-designed and co-implemented by B1-AKT's founders Yannick Le Guern and Laura Petrache


    We believe that Social Impact labs are suitable for solving complex societal challenges in a certain context, by developing new social practices which handle things in a better way than what was done previously and is the common practice. Social impact labs should be applied especially for problems where direct responsible agents are hard to identify and cross-sector collaboration is a prerequisite for finding possible solutions, because a variety of actors have a stake in the problem.


    These labs are suitable for solutions that need to be tested before a broad diffusion is pursued. Therefore, government agencies can use social labs for experimentation, before costly policy approaches are going to be implemented (Bellefontaine 2012).

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    Transnational LAB/ Bridge Builders

    Launching the "Transnational LAB" (action oriented LAB) : B1-AKT and its leading thinkers are collaborating with global citizens all over Europe. It is gathering participants from 12 countries, across disciplines, in order to experiment and explore how to articulate a trans-national vision of Europe.


    The Lab draws its inspiration from systemic, citizens-led alternatives and movements concerning economic transformation, transnational entrepreneurship, social justice, social bridge builders, ...


    It also challenges citizens across the country and across the world to take action that fosters greater togetherness, compassion, peace and kindness in their communities through projects that build bridges and bring people together.


    Citizens are invited to share their own stories and to interact with us on social media, as to unlock their inspirational stories on transnational citizenship, transnational entrepreneurship, diversity, identity, migration, circular economy (shape Good Long-Term Economic Growth of Europe).

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    We Are One – LAB

    Helps design innovative new kinds of collectively intelligent solutions to solve important problems.
    • Do you have a big challenge that you are looking to solve in a new way?
    • Would you like to truly harness the intelligence of the people in your organization to solve the problem?

    The “WE ARE ONE” ( Collective Intelligence) Lab leverages the expertise of our staff to help companies develop innovative ways of solving their problems.

    • We’re not focused just on finding the solutions to the problems, but on designing new collectively intelligent prototypes that will continue to solve similar problems.
    • We’re not focused on applying routine solutions to common problems; we want to advance the state of the art by helping companies design innovative solutions for challenging, interesting problems.

    Drawing on fields from design thinking to transition design, we won’t give you the answers, but we’ll work with you to help develop new ways of solving your important problems.


    How to engage: Our Lab is currently seeking sponsoring organizations with interesting problems to solve. These organizations can be companies, governments (city, state, national, and other), non-profits, or other groups.

    For more information about participating in our Lab please, get in touch here below.

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    Immersive Leadership LAB

    Business leaders today have to be constantly accessible and attentive; they are under immense pressure to respond to ever more complex challenges with a level of insight that has to be truly world class to compete.


    Immersive Leadership is an experience that connects leaders to one of the most important sources of emotional intelligence, decision making and resilience – reflection. As the gateway to critical awareness, reflection has never been more important, yet the art is being lost on a generation of leaders.


    Our model takes people people through divergent and convergent stages of learning. Within each stage we use various reflective tools such as grounding, mindfulness, embodiment, intention setting, forced connections.


    Immersive and experiential learning enables individuals to not only understand the theory of why we should act in a certain manner in specific circumstances, it enables them to ‘see it, feel it, live it’ and truly immerse themselves in that given situation. contact@b1-akt.com

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    Endeavour Entrepreneurship LAB

    Entrepreneurship is at the core of what we do. From our tailored labs, and our programmes, our leading team challenges traditional thinking and uncover unexpected business opportunities.


    Entrepreneurship is much broader than the creation of a new business venture. At its core, it is a mindset – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value.


    Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is about opportunity; the ability to recognize a new opportunity, to methodically analyze the opportunity, and ultimately, to capture the value of that opportunity.


    Such skills are important for those seeking to establish new ventures, and critical for a variety of professional careers given today’s hyper-competitive marketplace where rapid technological innovation and globalization has changed the very nature of work.


    Get ready to shake the world!


    Our lab is the driving force for entrepreneurship education, innovation and venture creation. We’re training students to change the world, one mind-blowing idea at a time. Our programs and mentors help students shape their ideas into real-world solutions. Let’s build and invest in tomorrow’s leaders together!

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    Sustainability Learning LAB

    Education for sustainability develops the knowledge, skills, values and world-views necessary for people to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living.


    It enables individuals and communities to reflect on ways of interpreting and engaging with the world. Sustainability education is futures-oriented, focusing on protecting environments and creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action.


    Actions that support more sustainable patterns of living require consideration of environmental, social, cultural and economic systems and their interdependence. Sustainability education can be fun, engaging and empowering for students. It allows them to take responsibility for their actions and to contribute their vision for a sustainable future. It enables them to develop knowledge, skills, values and motivations for action, allowing them to maintain their own wellbeing – and that of their community and the planet – in an increasingly interconnected world.

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    Leaders as in “global sustainable leaders” need to be motivated by common values, rather than just financial performance. We need new leadership to inspire us and give us courage especially in volatile times. We each have a unique blend of talents and a special dynamic within the diverse community we serve.

    Creating more sustainable communities is the key to a better future so let’s act & become the sustainable leaders of tomorrow!

    At GSL we:

    • Promote International Development
    • Develop Sustainable Leaders by means of Programs and Trainings, Labs and Sustainable Learning
    • Promote cooperation with other countries

    We Raise awareness about the actions carried out at local, national and international levels by institutions and governments in favor of innovation, dialogue, understanding and cooperation among peoples, cultures and act by implementing social and societal projects.

    We look for individuals who are curious, collaborative and critical thinkers; those who have the courage, commitment and ability to articulate, embody and help realize the change and possibility that the world needs. If you possess the drive to thrive and grow intellectually and emotionally, characterized by a strong will and service-oriented humility to contribute join us.You are expected to be a proactive contributor, engaged,share your insights and learnings with your team and our Leadership Forum community as a whole.

    International Festival "La Nuit des arts et des Mondes"

    The Festival is an exercise in cultural democracy, in which cultural practitioners speak for themselves, with each other, and to the public. The mission of our Intercultural Festival is to promote inclusion and to enhance the cultural heritage by highlighting the people and cultures that make up our community. The purpose is to celebrate all cultures’ uniqueness and value. Our Intercultural Festival is a completely non-profit organization event dedicated to celebrating the diversity and includes unique performances, authentic food, children’s activities, opera, total art exhibition, cultural displays, workshops, conferences & much more.



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